A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

PHOBOS is a first person survival horror game set in a futuristic space station.

The player takes on the role of an employee for Phobos Mining Inc. – an asteroid mining corporation based on the planet Mars.  You have just returned from a survey mission of Mars' two moons. You lost radio contact however and once you enter the space station on Mars, to your surprise you find out that everyone seems to have left in a hurry. As you explore the abandoned hallways of the space station, you get an unnerving feeling something is watching you from the darkness…

Having no weapons, you must use your wits to survive. Can you find out what happened to this place? And can you survive long enough to find a way to escape from the planet?

UPDATE 12/17/14

  • Updated version of the game with bug fixes and intro sequence.
  • Removed Web build due to graphical issues.


    • For the best experience please download the game, play with the lights out or dimmed and wear headphones.
    • This game demo was created by two Master students at the Dublin Institute of Technology for their final project in 2014. Currently there are no plans to continue development of this project.


      PHOBOS v 1.0 (Windows).zip 345 MB
      PHOBOS v1.0 (Mac OSX).zip 345 MB